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A Critical House Raffle task for the Homeowner and Nonprofit

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Recently, I was asked this question: What is the most critical task in the house raffle process for the homeowner verses the nonprofit organization? First of all, remember that a school, a church, or a nonprofit organization can run a house raffle (in most states). So for the sake of answering this question directly, let’s say a nonprofit wants to hold a house raffle fundraiser and a homeowner wants to sell their home through a raffle.

 The critical, and most difficult task for the homeowner is to connect with the right organization to run the raffle. The homeowner must not be satisfied with the first organization that is willing to do this; the homeowner must be sure that the organization has what it takes to pull it off. The organization must have the motivation, the manpower, and the financial strength to get all the required tickets sold in order to have a successful raffle and hold a drawing. The homeowner does not want to sit on their property for 6 months only to be back at square one if the organization fails. 

Conversely, the organization (school, church, nonprofit) holding the house raffle fundraiser has a different challenge. I believe its most critical challenge is to find sponsorship money to cover the cost of advertising. Unless the organization has an enormous database of donors who will buy tickets, or it can get free publicity, it will need to rely on advertising to get the word out.

So, homeowners, and nonprofits out there, be sure you do your homework before you start!!

To your success!
Diane Giraudo McDermott

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A Bonus With Raffle Ticket Buy

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At your open houses at the prize home, you could offer ticket buyers a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Talk to restaurant owners and see if they will give you 80 gift certificates for $25.00 each. In exchange for these gift certificates offer the restaurants a radio tag on your radio advertising for the house raffle. This allows the restaurant to promote their business without out-of-pocket expense, and it gives the nonprofit organization a tool to entice ticket buyers to buy when they visit the prize home instead of putting off until a later date.

When people put things off until a later date they often forget about their intention to buy. It’s much better to have them buy when they’re viewing the prize home.

Desert Academy is doing this right now with Fuddruckers World’s Greatest Hamburgers at – check it out.

To your success!
Diane Giraudo-McDermott

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