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Idea for Nonprofits in a House Raffle

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First of all, before I share my idea to help nonprofits, did you hear about that cute beagle mix that survived the gas chamber in an Alabama dog pound? We all have our issues, and mine is domesticated animals who must live by the choices man makes for them. I’m glad the unnamed beagle, now named Daniel, survived and he’s in a safe home.

So here’s my idea for the nonprofit working to get the word out about their house raffle: Invite a celebrity who lives in the area of the prize home to meet and greet during an open house. This doesn’t have to be a major movie star, it can be a sport celebrity,  a famous author, or if you have a weather man at your local station who has a strong following, people will show up to shake hands with that special person. This will even work with the players of your city sports team as long as they are well liked. The mascot could come too, or the cheer leaders also.

The goal is to increase traffic at the prize home during an open house and to get some free media coverage. If your prize home has a wow factor, then it will sell itself and more people will buy tickets.

To Your Success!

Diane Giraudo-McDermott

By the way, did you know Sherlock Holmes NEVER said “Elementary, my dear Watson”, Humphrey Bogart NEVER said “Play it again, Sam” in Casablanca, and they NEVER said “Beam me up, Scotty” on Star Trek.

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Can this house raffle be done?

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Sometimes I get interesting questions from my clients. Can a homeowner living in California raffle their home in Florida with a nonprofit that is incorporated in Michigan?

Yes, I believe this can be done as long as house raffles are legal in Florida and in Michigan, and the nonprofit fits the requirements for a qualified organization to hold a house raffle. I would contact the office of the State Attorney General in Florida and Michigan. Or you might contact the Gaming Control Board in those states.

The California law does not apply because it does not matter where the owner of the prize home resides. The homeowner is selling their home to the nonprofit buyer, and the buyer of their home can reside anywhere.

This is a matter of the stipulations regarding the holding of the raffle–not the selling of the home. Make sense?

To your success!
Diane Giraudo-McDermott

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Are House Raffles Legal?

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Most of us know that house raffles are legal in most states, however, this week I was asked this question:

Do you know  the logic or reasoning behind the law that makes it illegal to have a private entity hold a raffle and profit from its proceeds? And if you were to propose a bill to attempt to change the law, who would potentially be your opposition?

I don’t know for sure the logic behind the law that makes it illegal for a private entity to hold a raffle, but it is reasonable to me that there must be strict controls on raffles. Otherwise, the ticket buyer has little security that the ticket seller is legit. If individuals could hold raffles, imagine the possibility of  fraud, and the difficulty to police such raffles. “Ticket seller makes off with the raffle ticket proceeds without holding a drawing.” Or, ” Ticket seller never owned the prize”. Or, “Brother of owner of grand prize home wins the prize”!

And although ticket buyers participate  mainly to win the prize, they also buy tickets to help the cause. That is one reason a homeowner wants to choose a nonprofit, school, or church with a cause that tugs at the heart of ticket buyers. Fewer ticket buyers will risk their money on the price of a ticket to help the homeowner.  They want to feel that if they don’t win, they are at least helping a worthy cause–usually a charity.

Sorry to  the person asking the question. . . I think all states should allow house raffles, but I’m glad there’s a law that only allows qualified organizations to hold raffles. I believe your opposition in changing such a law would be the state attorney general. It might be best to consult an attorney on this one.

To your success,

Diane Giraudo-McDermott

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Win a house or cash!

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I received an email from the Laguna Beach Million dollar Home Raffle that ends midnight tonight. Always tempting isn’t it?  This is the type of raffle that you pretty much know you won’t take the house if you win, just the yearly property taxes would be a huge bite. However, the cash option of one million would be very nice.

House raffles that do not provide a cash option alternative to the house make it more difficult to get the tickets sold. Not everyone wants the house for a number of reasons. So always work your house raffle formula to include a cash option to the grand prize home.

So should I help a good cause and risk $150? Yes, I think so!

To your success!
Diane Giraudo-McDermott

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What Others Are Saying:

“The book really does take you through the entire process. I feel like Diane holds your hand from beginning to end from qualifying the grand prize home to what happens after the drawing. I’m a homeowner and I’ve had difficulty selling my beautiful home. Now I know what it takes to sell my home in a raffle. I know exactly what type of nonprofit I need to partner with on my house raffle and what to expect. I’m excited to get started.”

-Karen L. Furguson, Homeowner in Tucson, Arizona

"Consulting with Diane by phone has been invaluable. Her knowledge on the subject of house raffles is enormous, and she has really given us a better understanding of the process as we move forward with our house raffle. She has been more than willing to take the time needed in answering all of our questions. After consulting with Diane, we feel we have a much better chance of putting together a successful house raffle and are excited about making it happen."

Chip Thompson, homeowner in Rehoboth, Delaware

"'I Sold My House in a Raffle' is an excellent example of creative marketing. The best marketers think "out of the box" and Diane shows that you can really sell your house in a raffle!"

-Ali Pervex, International Best Selling Author, 'Get Your Black Belt in Marketing',

“What a great marketing tool! This is a hot new method to get a property sold. My clients love this idea—I already have my first raffle house lined up. I’ll use Diane’s process to get and sell more listings.”

Jack C. Rosemary – California Real Estate Broker, 26 years experience

“I attended Diane’s workshop on February 27th, and she’s got it all together. Not only does she know how to pull off a house raffle but you can tell that she was a teacher because she knows how to convey the information. She broke the process into bite-size pieces and gave us exercises to complete so we were involved. Before anyone attempts a house raffle, they should attend Diane’s workshop–there’s more to it than one could imagine.”

-Ron Thomas, Real Estate Investor for 20 years, Albuquerque, New Mexico