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House Raffle Preparation

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Hello all,

Michael Phelps takes world record with 19th Olympic medal. Great to see him in the win again–reminds me of how important preparation is in reaching any goal.

Preparing for a house raffle is critical. The nonprofit needs to have all their ducks in a row before selling the first ticket. One of my favorite house raffles is through the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California. They’ve awarded $8 million in cash and prizes in 7 years. The grand prize is a gorgeous Laguna Beach home or $1 million cash. Previous ticket buyers receive an invititation to buy with a beautiful four-color brochure with photos of all prizes. They know how to do it right.

To your sucess!

Diane Giraudo McDermott

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Raffle a Timeshare

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Summer is quickly flying by, I hope everyone is finding time to play. The annual international balloon fiesta here in Albuquerque is in October, but we’re already seeing the hot air balloons dotting the sky. Cool!

This is a recent email I received: I have a timeshare which I owe money on and want to get rid of it. I owe $3,400 on it, I live in NY and the timeshare is in Atlanta. How do I go about it? First of all, you can raffle a timeshare, but you must be sure that house raffles are allowed in Georgia. I assume the writer is referring to Atlanta Georgia. Once you have determined that house raffles are legal in Georgia, then determine the type of qualified organizations that can hold house raffles in Georgia and find one that would be interested to have the timeshare as the grand prize in the raffle.

Having said that, a timeshare may be more difficult to sell tickets for because timeshares can come with high fees. But, if you offer a cash prize alternative that always helps to get tickets sold. Maybe part of the prize is the fees get paid for a certain period of time. Remember, you want the grand prize to be desirable.

To your success!

Diane Giraudo McDermott

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Question from a homeowner?

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Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. I stayed out of the  heat with a movie–if you haven’t seen The Artist, it’s great.

A homeowner emailed this question: “Would it be better if the homeowner had a marketing or advertising background before embarking on a project to raffle a house?”  Although a marketing or advertising background might be useful, remember that the homeowner is not running the house raffle–the nonprofit is running the raffle. Most nonprofits have a marketing department or a development director in charge of fundraising.

The homeowner should focus on connecting with the right nonprofit–a nonprofit that has a great cause, a strong marketing department, open to a different kind of fundraiser, and that has an active board of directors.

To your success!

Diane Giraudo McDermott

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House Raffle Website

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And I hope you’re gearing up for a great 4th of July celebration tomorrow. We’re still in the 90s here, what are you doing to stay cool?

A few words about house raffle websites. The nonprofit should create a separate website just for the house raffle. They can add a link to the website of their nonprofit, but only sticking a page on the nonprofit’s  website for the house raffle is not sufficient.

Today I looked at NW Indiana House Raffle website and this is what I think:

  1. Clean site and it’s dedicated to the House Raffle. GOOD
  2. They are raffling multiple homes, but when you click “view next home” you only get the logo of the builder and no home to view. NOT GOOD
  3. The funds help St. Jude House and Crossroads YMCA. GOOD
  4. On the entry form there is a place to check off how you heard about the raffle. GOOD
  5. You can buy by mail and they will mail you the ticket. NOT GOOD. US Postal Regulations prohibit the mailing of raffle tickets. A nonprofit can mail a ticket confirmation which can include the ticket number on it, but tickets cannot be mailed.
  6. They’re offering a $250,000 cash option instead of a home – winners choice. GOOD

To your success!

Diane Giraudo McDermott

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on Independence Day July 4, 1826?

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What Others Are Saying:

“The book really does take you through the entire process. I feel like Diane holds your hand from beginning to end from qualifying the grand prize home to what happens after the drawing. I’m a homeowner and I’ve had difficulty selling my beautiful home. Now I know what it takes to sell my home in a raffle. I know exactly what type of nonprofit I need to partner with on my house raffle and what to expect. I’m excited to get started.”

-Karen L. Furguson, Homeowner in Tucson, Arizona

"Consulting with Diane by phone has been invaluable. Her knowledge on the subject of house raffles is enormous, and she has really given us a better understanding of the process as we move forward with our house raffle. She has been more than willing to take the time needed in answering all of our questions. After consulting with Diane, we feel we have a much better chance of putting together a successful house raffle and are excited about making it happen."

Chip Thompson, homeowner in Rehoboth, Delaware

"'I Sold My House in a Raffle' is an excellent example of creative marketing. The best marketers think "out of the box" and Diane shows that you can really sell your house in a raffle!"

-Ali Pervex, International Best Selling Author, 'Get Your Black Belt in Marketing',

“What a great marketing tool! This is a hot new method to get a property sold. My clients love this idea—I already have my first raffle house lined up. I’ll use Diane’s process to get and sell more listings.”

Jack C. Rosemary – California Real Estate Broker, 26 years experience

“I attended Diane’s workshop on February 27th, and she’s got it all together. Not only does she know how to pull off a house raffle but you can tell that she was a teacher because she knows how to convey the information. She broke the process into bite-size pieces and gave us exercises to complete so we were involved. Before anyone attempts a house raffle, they should attend Diane’s workshop–there’s more to it than one could imagine.”

-Ron Thomas, Real Estate Investor for 20 years, Albuquerque, New Mexico